Sodick’s AG40L Sinker EDM

The AG40L Sinker EDM features Sodick’s Linear Motor Technology. The AG40L features the latest in no-flush EDM technology, user-friendly control and zero electrode wear combined with increased machining speed.

With its frictionless axis movement you can be assured of the best possible results. This linear motor EDM offers 1.2G acceleration 1,400″/min axis speed. A ballscrew EDM would have issues with debris collecting in the gap if a flush is not added however the unique technology of the Sodick linear motor drive system eliminates this issue without requiring flushing.

As is a Sodick standard this unit features the 10 year positioning accuracy guarantee in addition to the glass scale feedback, CGF2 circuit (electrode wear reduction circuit), SVC circuit (fine finishing circuit), Arc-less circuit, LAN connection port, ceramic table, and energy saving circuit.

A great example of a standard part’s specs on the AG40L Sinker EDM is a steel part with a depth of 10 mm, surface roughness of 2.6 2.6 μm Rz, copper as the electrode material, a machining time of 17 hours 10 minutes and a rotation of 20°.