OMAX Software – “What’s the Big Deal?”

OMAX, known throughout the world for their high-accuracy abrasive waterjet systems, offers the best software deal available. Free upgrades for life, and unlimited seats! No one else even comes close. While this has become common knowledge among those looking for a waterjet, it often becomes something prospective customers end up asking us about. They want to know, “What’s the big deal with the free software? Am I really going to need more than 1 or 2 seats of software anyways?” To answer directly – Yes, software is a big deal, software is a huge deal.

Most companies will release minor software patches a few times a year with a more major software update once every year or two. This means that if you’re not willing to pay for that software upgrade, which in many cases can be upwards of $5,000, your software just became obsolete and you may have only had your machine for a few months. Everyone who now buys a new machine has an immediate competitive advantage with software that allows them to cut faster, use less abrasive, nest more parts, or whatever great new features have been added. If you own an OMAX however you simply log in to your account and download the new version. You stay competitive with every other OMAX user, and ahead of shops running other waterjets with old software.

It’s easy to buy a machine believing it does everything you need for your application and you’ll never need new software, but we know that you expect that machine to still be delivering for you in 20 years and who knows what new innovation you’ll have by that point. Is the software on your PC different than it was 20 years ago? Would you want to be stuck with that 1999 software while you’re trying to compete in 2019? Software is one of the fastest developing areas of the machine tool, you can’t afford to be left behind.

What about the unlimited seats of software? While right now you may think a seat at the machine and one in the office is all you’ll ever need but again you’ve got to think big picture. Maybe 20 years ago you never expected every employee to have their own computer, but you certainly do now. In another 20 years maybe your sales people will generate quotes off their tablet while at the customer’s shop after running their part program through their OMAX software. You don’t want to be the other guy that walks in to the customer and asks them to fax over a print and wait a week for a quote, the deal will be over before you even see the part. Unlimited seats mean that if you want everyone using the OMAX software for quoting, inventory tracking, and quality assurance – you can do that with no added expense to the business.

OMAX is setting its customers up for long-term success by making sure that no matter what comes along, they have the software capacity to be competitive. We recognize that this is a partnership and we don’t want our customers handcuffed to outdated equipment. We encourage you to talk to other OMAX owners to hear how they’ve utilized the software upgrades and unlimited seats.