Sodick UH650L Mill/Grind Center

The new UH650L from Sodick is designed for high-speed precision milling.  Sodick has capitalized on their unique linear motor technology to give them instant servo time and the perfect chip load and efficiency.  This machine also gives customers the added benefit of jig grinding capacity without the expense of purchasing another piece of machinery.  Check out some of the UH650L features found only with Sodick:

  • Glass Scale Feedback (X, Y, Z)
  • Linear Motor Drives (X, Y, Z)
  • “MotionExpert” Simulation Software
  • Automatic LM Cross Roller Guide Lubrication System
  • Mist Oil System with Mist Collector
  • BLUM Laser Tool Length Measuring Device
  • 16 Position Automatic Tool Changer
  • 1,500-40,000 rpm Spindle

The combination of these features and many more has led to unsurpassed speed and accuracy of the UH650L.  Sodick’s many years of industry experience have led them to build a machine truly unlike anything else in its class with almost zero backlash, patented energy saving linear motors and linear scales, and the ability to handle even the most complex, three-dimensional contours.
The MotionExpert simulation software provides customers with an incredible tool for job quoting.  This software package works on any Windows-based PC and gives you the ability to import NC  programs from outside CAM systems, analyze them, and generate accurate machining times and surface quality prediction.  By making this a quick and easy process our customers can have complete confidence when generating quotes and bidding on jobs.  In addition to the sales tool that this software gives you, you’ll have the added benefit of being able to use MotionExpert to protect your Sodick machine.  The software will check for penetration and gouging and protect both the machine and the tools from potential damage.
The high speed spindle on the UH650L is built for high-speed, high-precision direct milling on even the hardest surfaces while maintaining a long spindle life. Sodick recognizes that buying equipment is a long term investment and as such these spindles are designed for durability and rigidity even down to the addition of a micro-oil mist lubrication system to protect your investment.  The high torque of this spindle will get the job done.
In every machine Sodick builds the goal stays the same: build a product that gets the job done, delivers on the accuracy our customers expect, and lasts for years to come. Sodick has delivered with the new UH650L Mill/Grind Center.  Contact Brooks Associates today to schedule a demo, review the software, or get test cuts completed.