Hurco VMX – The Foundation

The best-selling, flagship product for Hurco is the VMX series of machining centers.  This incredibly rigid, high accuracy machine delivers industry best performance no matter how difficult the application.  Hurco continues to develop the VMX to ensure it stays ahead of the competition while maintaining the reliability customers have come to expect over the many years this product has been in production.

The VMX series is made from high-grade cast iron to create a heavy, ribbed frame from which this robust system is based.  To go even further in their efforts to build the best machine available, Hurco has elected to use larger linear rails with carefully engineered spacing to increase strength.

We know that our customers are buying the VMX machines because they need a reliable machining center to serve as a workhorse in their shop for years to come, and as we’ve had the pleasure of seeing many of our customers hand these units on from one generation to another when shops change hands, we know they’re up to the test.  The incredible success of the VMX series means that Brooks has units throughout New England and we’d love to arrange a demo for you with a current owner in your area.

Hurco engineers have truly thought of everything when it comes to the VMX.  The machining center features a 12,000 rpm cartridge spindle with a low base-speed to provide more torque without requiring a gearbox, which makes maintenance a breeze.  In addition, spindle life is preserved through the use of ceramic hybrid bearings which operate at a lower temperature than other options to protect them from the damage that heat can cause.

One of the defining features of the VMX is the dual-screen set-up.  Hurco continues to be the only company offering dual screens as the standard on our machinery.  The reasons are simple.  One screen will provide information, dual-screens will provide it faster and in an easier format for your operator.  Let’s say the operator needs to edit something in the part program.  They could scroll through line after line of code or simply select the area to edit and have the correct code appear on the other screen.  The operator could sit there staring aimlessly at the screen waiting for the part to finish, or they could maximize efficiency with dual screens and program the next job with the other screen while the first job continues to run.  Concerned about a part mid-run?  Just pause it and generate a 3D solid rendering of the part on the other screen to verify dimensions.  There are countless benefits to a dual-screen offering.

Hear what others are saying and you’ll understand why the VMX continues to hold firm in the market:

“We have been using Hurco CNC machining centers for about six years in our tool room.  They are indispensable for our operations.  No other machine and control combination can give us the shop floor programming power and machining quality that is vital to our manufacturing operations.” – Joe, Sioux Chief Manufacturing

“Building plastic molds in today’s global economy is an extremely competitive business.  Our new Hurco VMX50 with Cat 50 spindle is a real workhorse.  We’ve seen set-up and run time reductions of 30-40% over our older equipment.” – Kevin, Berry Plastics

The features and benefits of the Hurco VMX systems are designed with real-world customer applications in mind.  Talk to other Hurco owners and you’ll continually hear how these machines have revolutionized their business, opened new doors, and increased profitability.  Contact Brooks Associates today to learn more about all that a Hurco VMX system could do for your business.