OMAX 55100 – Why This Classic Remains the Best

Omax 55100The OMAX 55100 is one of the original OMAX abrasive waterjet products. Through the years customers have noticed that it has continued to be a top seller without any major changes in the appearance of the system. While it may look from the outside that this machine has been the same for 20 years, it turns out that if you pull back the covers you’ll find some major advances in technology.

The 55100 is a 55” x 100” table that comes with the OMAX Premium Software Package, Intelli-MAX, the EnduroMAX pump system, and incredible precision capabilities. Customers love the versatility that this machine offers. Large sheets of material can pass through the table giving it capabilities far beyond its size. Accuracy of +.-.001” can be achieved and virtually any material can be cut at up to 12” thick.

Let’s look behind the curtain of this amazing waterjet system. While the improvements and changes to this machine have been countless over the years, a few have really stood out. The major release of software upgrades recently resulted in dramatic improvements on cutting speeds, smoother edge quality capabilities, and higher accuracy for micro-machining of small parts. In addition, the new software includes the ability to support new accessories such as the rotary axis, the 5-axis cutting head, and new abrasive delivery systems.

The EnduroMAX pump was a real game changer for the 55100. This new revision of the direct drive style pump has taken OMAX in a whole new direction. Doubling the life of the consumables, increasing cutting pressures and cutting speeds, and reducing maintenance – the EnduroMAX has been truly revolutionary. While many customers were nervous to see any changes to what they consider to be the heart of the machine, everyone has agreed that the EnduroMAX is the way of the future.

The table itself has seen changes with the addition of the diamond cutting head, the bulk abrasive delivery system, and the scissor plumbing. All of these changes have reduced maintenance frequency and improved accuracy. Customers are no longer waiting a few days for long lengths of high pressure plumbing to ship across the country, instead they’re up and running again in just a few hours.

With all of these changes OMAX has been careful to preserve the features that serve their customers the most. The ability to completely submerge the table to keep the cutting process clean and quiet still remains. Every 55100 continues to be tested as a complete unit including the pump and software before it ever leaves the factory floor. And of course the 55100 continues to be manufactured in Kent, WA. If your shop is looking for an abrasive waterjet with a proven track record of reliability and accuracy give Brooks Associates a call today to set-up a demo and test cut.