Major Automotive Manufacturer Using Yama Seiki Machining Center for Manufacturing

One major Japanese automobile manufacturer has recently added a line of the BM850-APC machining centers to the manufacturing process. The company is famous for making high quality automobile components and after testing the BM850-APC they were willing to put a large number of them into their production line. They are also preparing to purchase more as the demand continues to grow. They have been extremely satisfied with the high quality and reliable performance of these machines in producing their inlet manifolds and gear box cases.

The Yama Seiki BM850-APC is the machine recommended for high efficiency, mass production capabilities. This series of machines reduces tool setting times during non-cutting conditions, provides fast table change performance, and a large table size (31.5″ x 18.1″). This machine is your best choice for dealing with large work pieces in mass production. The BM850-APC offers a 180 degree rotation angle (back/forth), hydraulic lifting power of 497.7 lb per square inch, and a maximum load capacity of 440 lbs on each of the two pallets. With a pallet change time of only 7 seconds this machine is built for high production.