At this year’s IMTS show in Chicago OMAX and MAXIEM waterjets will feature all the latest in abrasive waterjet technology. The booth set-up will be impressive with machines demonstrating all of the newest industry advancements. Whether you’re looking for a personal abrasive waterjet such as the ProtoMAX®, 3D cutting capabilities, microjet cutting, or large table precision – OMAX has it all. Located in booth #23622 and participating in the Smartforce Student Summit, customers will have plenty of opportunities to see what OMAX has been developing.

The MicroMax precision micro-machining system will be featuring parts smaller than 300 microns, taper free parts, and interesting new materials. The 6’ x 12’ 80X system will be cutting larger parts with minimum taper using the Tilt-a-Jet cutting head. In addition the Maxiem 1530 will be cutting 3D parts using the A-Jet cutting head. The compact, customer-installed personal cutting machine, the new ProtoMAX®, will be running demonstrations throughout the show as well. This system is perfect for lower volume cutting of virtually any material up to about 1” thick. Come hear how this product has taken off in the past year with small job shops, engineering classrooms and personal inventors all jumping at the chance to have abrasive waterjet capabilities available to them.

You won’t want to miss the presentation on Monday September 10th in room W192-A by Dan DeWall, OMAX machine shop supervisor, discussing how abrasive waterjet cutting fits into the overall manufacturing process. His presentation is part of the larger IMTS Conference program running throughout the show. The focus of his talk will be on the role waterjet cutting can play as a complementary machining process for your shop to help cut your manufacturing costs.

Come sit down with OMAX software developers and product engineers to discuss the brains behind these amazing machines. With OMAX software leading the world in capabilities you won’t want to miss your opportunity to hear what advancements are coming next in the Intelli-MAX Software Suite. The team from Brooks Associates will be on-hand throughout the show as well to meet with those local to the New England area.