An Advantage in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace is an extremely competitive industry and utilizing the latest in technologies is critical to reducing part costs and staying ahead of the competition. The Unisign UNIPRO 5000 helps customers do just that. With installations at some of the leading manufacturers – Magellan, JW Kane, Hampson and Ametek Hugh-Treiter to name a few – word is getting out about the advantage the UNIPRO 5000 gives. Years of research and development have resulted in a machine specifically designed for the aerospace industry with the ability to decrease production costs, outperform the MAG 3 even at a significantly lower price and provide proven results.

The UNIPRO 5000 comes from a company with a background in aerospace and a deep understanding of how to meet the unique needs it has. The incredibly powerful spindle on this machine is unlike anything else in the industry (100 kW, 90 NM, 25,000 rpm) which allows it to remove metal up to 10,000 cm³ per minute. The variable spindle preload design extends the spindle life and decreases your costs. The spindle operates differently than competitors in the market by using a ball screw driven tilting axis of +/- 15 degrees. In order to allow the spindle to operate at full power it requires a highly rigid design which the dynamic B-Axis provides.

The UNIPRO 5000 is available in a three, four or five axis configuration and has the ability to feed 60,000 mm/min in the X-Y-Z axis. With over 80+ installations in just the aerospace industry this machine has proven it can efficiently machine wing rib, spar and stringer components and provide you with a significant competitive selling advantage. If you’re looking for a machine with the maximum ROI the Unisign UNIPRO 5000 is the machine for you. Contact Brooks Associates to learn more about exactly what this machine can do for you.