The new GlobalMAX system is proving to be the perfect way for many companies to get into waterjet cutting at a price they can afford. For years abrasive waterjet cutting has been beyond the budget of many companies because the waterjet manufacturers have focused on building the most precise machine possible, but the reality is that for many shops they don’t need that type of precision from a waterjet. Many customers have other equipment that they would prefer to go to for their high accuracy work, but having a waterjet for roughing capabilities would be a great way to improve production times and reduce wear and tear on their other equipment.

Unfortunately those reasons alone can make it difficult to justify the high price point of a new abrasive waterjet, but that is where the GlobalMAX line comes in. At a fraction of the price customers can get a reliable, USA made, abrasive waterjet from a company that’s been reputable in the industry for over 25 years. Like all OMAX lines the GlobalMAX comes with the best software package for its users, a reliable direct drive pump, and world-class service and support. In addition The GlobalMAX still has a full line of supported accessories allowing for customization to fit the customer’s specific application. The GlobalMAX is the ideal waterjet for customers looking for a dependable waterjet that they can have up and running quickly and easily.

The GlobalMAX is offered in 3 different table sizes to fit any shop – 2’7” x 5’, 5’ x 10’, or 6’8” x 13’3”. Like all OMAX products, these machines can cut virtually any material, nearly any thickness, and all without creating a heat affected zone. The simplicity of the GlobalMAX allows for the fastest installation and training process available in the industry. This machine can literally be ordered, installed and operational in just days. Its unique design utilizes minimal floorspace allowing for installation in any shop. The continued use of the direct drive pump means minimal water and power usage as well. The single water circuit for booth cooling and cutting means this system runs on just 1 gal/min of water. Give Brooks a call today to set-up a demo of the all new GlobalMAX machine.