John Force Racing Testimonial

John Force Racing has been racing for over 40 years but about 10 years ago they set-up their machine shop. As part of that machine shop John Force Racing recently added additional Hurco capacity and the results have been impressive. A part that once required 6 different operations can now be done in just two, saving time and money. As they explain on the video, racing requires constant evolutions in part manufacturing with speed and precision being critical. The Hurco equipment has proven to be the perfect machine for the job. The easy-to-use programming allows for quick changes with reliable results.

One of the best features for the machinist at John Force is the Hurco control. The impressive graphics on the Hurco control provide essentially a CAD type presentation and is by far the most customer friendly control system on the market. The conversational programming has allowed them to take one of their operators and make him both the Hurco operator and the programmer, keeping the expense of running the machine down as well. The Hurco machines have provided the best part finishes, speeds and feeds available all with incredible reliability. In just over 6 months John Force Racing has paid for the Hurco VMX6030 off the work they’ve been able to put through it. More than 60% of the parts on the John Force Racing team’s cars are made at the Force American Made Machine Shop in Brownsburg, Indiana. While the machinists at NHRA team John Force Racing only recently made the switch to 5-sided machining on a 5-axis CNC – productivity has sky rocketed.