Truth in Waterjet

The simple truth is OMAX takes abrasive waterjet cutting to new levels of speed and performance. By combining precision system components, advanced pump technology and innovative software, OMAX has created the most versatile technology available to manufacturers today.

Know the Facts:

  • 36% lower output psi
  • 20% faster cutting per part
  • 47% less abrasive used per part
  • 30% higher pump efficiency

Hear the Feedback:

“It is very energy efficient and has low environmental impact; it’s a machine that doesn’t generate smoke or toxic fumes.” David Durgin, Owner, Mainly Metals in Vermont

“Many parts and components were processed 200% faster once the OMAX was brought in house.” Peter Hotkowski, Asterisk, Inc. in Connecticut

With higher performance, better efficiency and faster cutting speeds, OMAX abrasive waterjet technology gives you the power to pass your competition and grow your business and profits.

Maximize your production capabilities with a finely tuned machine that integrates pump technology and software performance unlike any other in the industry. The facts are that without a system that seamlessly integrates all 3 of these key components you’re starting out behind the competition. OMAX is one of only 2 abrasive waterjet manufacturers in the world that builds a complete machine in-house. With complete control over our pump, table, and software we get the best results possible.

Our advanced EnduroMAX pump technology provides 30% more nozzle horsepower than intensifier pumps. This added power means you can produce parts faster and at lower costs. The efficiency of the direct drive pump is irrefutable. The facts are that an intensifier pump running at 90,000 psi is generally under 60% efficient due to the losses from the hydraulic system while an OMAX direct drive pump running at 60,000 psi is 85% efficient. This means you’re not exactly getting what you’re paying for with the higher pressure pumps!

Our easy-to-use Intelli-MAX software offers lightning-fast programming and extraordinary power and performance. Precise cutting motions and the fastest cutting speeds in the industry will help you optimize part cutting and increase your productivity. Intelli-MAX is widely regarded as being the best abrasive waterjet software in the industry. Its complete control over the jet stream allows it to maximize acceleration and deceleration to provide the sharpest corners while maintaining the fastest cutting speeds. The part geometry, material type and thickness, as well as the pump and table being run are all factored in through the new 4th generation cutting model resulting in the highest precision parts to ever come off a waterjet table. OMAX is not looking to just cut one great part for a demo. The parts coming off the OMAX table will be right the first time and every time!

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