Reduce Cycle Time By 30% with Hurco

After 6 years in the making, Hurco is proud to introduce UltiMotion to the market. Only available on Hurco milling systems this incredible new software provides a completely new way to approach motion planning. It is an advanced software system that determines the optimal trajectory and feed rate to run the tool. Cornering velocity is 2.5 times faster than conventional motion and machine jerk is reduced by 50%. The software’s ability to look-ahead is dynamic and optimized instead of fixed like the more traditional software platforms.

What’s the benefit to improving software platforms? Reduced cycle time and better surface finish, which equals MONEY SAVED!

If you’re an existing Hurco owner you can take advantage of these improvements without the addition of new hardware. Any machine that can run WinMax version 8 or later can have UltiMotion added to it with no hardware changes.

What kind of parts benefit the most from UltiMotion? Complex parts benefit the most, parts that require complex 3-axis and 5-Axis contouring, pocketing, high-speed machining, drilling, a lot of tapping, or the spindle to change directions frequently.

What parts benefit less from UltiMotion? Simple parts with simple geometry. Programs that have slow feed rates or don’t require the mill to change direction often. For example, 1 inch/minute in standard motion will be the same with UltiMotion, but you’ll see a big difference if your feed rate is 1,000 inches/minute. UltiMotion will interpolate the corners smoothly while standard motion will stutter and pause in tight corners.

Some Frequently Asked Questions about UltiMotion:

  • How many shops use UltiMotion?
    UltiMotion has been deployed on more than 200 machines worldwide.
  • How do I maximize maximize the performance of UltiMotion?
    Don’t over-think feed rates. UltiMotion will more consistently achieve desired feed rates than standard motion.
  • Should I ever turn off UltiMotion?
    No. UltiMotion is superior to Standard Motion in every way.
  • Do I need to change my programs or post processor?
    No changes are required to programs.
  • Do I need training?
    No training is required to use UltiMotion.
  • Will my older programs work with UltiMotion?
  • Does UltiMotion work for Conversational Programs?
    Yes. UltiMotion runs identically for NC and Conversational.
  • Does UltiMotionwork for 5-axis machining?
    Yes, in fact, UltiMotion can provide exceptional improvement in cycle time and surface finish for simultaneous 5-axis.
  • Does UltiMotion require new hardware?
    No, any machine that can run WinMax version 8 or later can have UltiMotion added to it with no hardware changes.
  • Does UltiMotion affect graphics speed?
    No. The graphics system is not part of the motion system.
  • My CAM already has smoothing. How can UltiMotion help me?
    UltiMotion improves upon even excellent CAM output. UltiMotion is a tighter, smoother, control system that can dramatically improve cycle times and surface finish through better handling of the machine mechanics and dynamics.
  • Will UltiMotion change my tool paths?
    No. UltiMotion optimizes the machine motion.