Seven Reasons to Purchase a 5-Axis Machine

While some machine shops see 5-axis CNC machines as overkill for their day-to-day operations, they can be beneficial. For those on the fence about buying a 5-axis machine, here are seven reasons to take the plunge:

1. New Opportunities
The three linear and two rotary axes move at the same time during the cutting process, reducing cycle time and maximizing productivity. With this efficiency, machine shops can operate successfully in major industries.

2. Not Limited in Uses
The percentage of parts produced in a metal-working shop that require machining on five sides is over 60. This means that even for less complex jobs, the 5-axis machine is efficient.

3. Reduced Labor Cost-Per-Part
Cost is added each time the machine operator touches a part. By moving the piece from machine to machine, extra time is required. A 5-axis machine can help eliminate that unnecessary movement.

4. Less Programming Cost
With these machines, the programmer only needs to load one CAD/CAM file and create a single program. This is a lot easier and less expensive than writing programs for more than one machine tool and multiple operations.

5. Fewer Tools
With all machining being performed in one operation, machine shops can eliminate fixtures, tools, and tool extensions, saving money.

6. Floor Space
With the purchase of a 5-axis machine, some other machines may become unneeded. This will help create extra floor space.

7. Greater Spindle Usage
Instead of sitting idle waiting for another machine tool to complete an operation, it makes the complete part in one operation.

Contact Brooks Associates to find the right 5-axis machine for the machine shop. Check out Hurco’s 5-axis machining centers on Brooks Associates website.