Hurco 5-Axis Machining Centers

Our 5-axis CNC machining centers, equipped with the integrated Hurco control, are simply the best in the industry. Nobody does 5-axis better than Hurco.

Hurco VM10U

U Series

While some brands simply stick a trunnion table on a 3-axis VMC and call it a 5-axis machine, the Hurco U series machines are designed to be true 5-axis machines. If you have 5-axis positioning work on complex multi-sided parts where overall accuracy and reduced setup time are critical, you need a Hurco 5-Axis U Series machining center.


VM10Ui (21x16x19)
VMX30Ui (30x20x20.5)
VMX42Ui (42x24x20.5)
VMX60Ui (60x26x24)
VTXUi (31.5×27.5×20)

SR Series

The SR 5-axis machines tackle complex, multi-sided parts with a B-axis swivel head and C-axis rotary table design. The Hurco SR machines include a special version of WinMax® control software that streamlines setup and simplifies programming for complex parts.


VMX42SRTi (42x24x24)
VMX60SRTi (60x26x24)

Hurco VMX60SR
Hurco VMX42SWi

SW Series

The SW series of 5-axis CNC mills offers multiple advantages, starting with the machine’s design configuration that utilizes a swivel head with either an A or C style rotary table. The generous size of the rotary table provides maximum versatility because you can use the extra table space for secondary operations or 3-axis work.