Automated options Yama Seiki

For customers looking for a highly efficient machining center with mass production capabilities we recommend the Yama Seiki BM/AF/AV series combined with the APC system as a customized production plan. The features of these series have proven extremely helpful in a variety of industries such as an automotive parts manufacturer who is currently using the MB850-APC in their production line to produce inlet manifolds and gear box cases. They required a high quality system with reliable performance, and the Yama Seiki set-up has delivered. This customer expects their business to continue to expand with the addition of more of these systems in the coming year. This system has a rigid construction designed to perform reliably in the most difficult of environments. The Yama Seiki machining center is ideal for large work pieces, with a table size of 31.5” x 18.1”, hydraulic lifting power of 497.7 lbs/square inch, and maximum loading capacity of 440 lb per pallet. With the ability to change pallets in as little as 7 seconds high speed production has never been more achievable. The team at Brooks Associates understands that if you’re not cutting parts then you’re not making money, and this machining center is guaranteed to maximize your up time.

Looking for even further automation? Consider the addition of a built in robot arm and the fully automated custom long shaft loading and unloading system with your CNC turning center. Also available is a standard or custom gantry loading and unloading system to provide automatic operation for chucking operations. These systems have been designed to integrate onto one or more machines giving them the flexibility to fit a wide range of applications. Contact your local Brooks Associates sales representative today to learn more about automating your manufacturing process through the use of Yama Seiki systems. Watch a short video to learn more about the gantry loading systems and see one in action on the GLS-150M turning center

Brooks Associates sales representatives can also walk you through many other advanced automation options such as spindle parts catchers, tool presetters, parts probes, and hydraulic self-centering steady rests. Make your New Year’s resolution to increase revenue through trimming costs and reducing waste with an investment in high efficiency automation equipment!