OMAX A-Jet Benefits

Waterjet technology has been advancing for decades to make it more efficient and better in general. OMAX’s A-Jet is no exception. With the A-Jet, production time is significantly reduced because no secondary finishing is required.

This complete software-controlled multi-axis cutting head has amazing versatility. Its cutting range is from 0 degrees to 60 degrees, making it able to cut beveled edges, angled sides, and countersinks. It has the ability to compensate for taper and create complex 3D shapes with ease because of the advanced features in the Intelli-MAX Software Suite.

Other features and benefits of the A-Jet include:

  • Designed for high flow/high power abrasive waterjet application with multiple pumps by using large diameter tubing with minimal pressure loss
  • Three modes of taper compensation
  • Supplied with a MAXJET 5i Nozzle, which includes an OMAX High Angle Fusible Mixing Tube
  • Fixed focal point design, so the XYZ axes don’t need to move as the head tilts

Contact Brooks for more information about the OMAX A-Jet and OMAX waterjet systems. Visit their website to read OMAX case studies and watch videos of their machines at work.