Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Nearly every OEM offers preventive machine maintenance packages and annual maintenance offerings but it can be difficult to make the time to take a machine off line to get the work done. However time and again it’s proven invaluable to get this maintenance taken care of in a preventative manner. Regardless of what type of machine tool you’re working with it’s always better to have scheduled down time verses an unexpected shut down due to failure. By scheduling this downtime you can be sure to have personnel and parts ready and on-hand to minimize this downtime and have a machine back up and running as quickly as possible. Often OEMs will offer the parts at a reduced price as part of a maintenance call scheduled in advance as well.

Many companies find that the summer months have a natural slow down to business as people are on vacations and this can be the ideal time to get this maintenance done. Bringing in a professional from a distributor or OEM can ensure the job gets done correctly, provide an opportunity to get additional training for new operators, or allow the maintenance to get done while your regular operator is out and further limit the actual down time of the machine. As we get ready to head in to summer consider scheduling a service visit with Brooks for your equipment.