TT1-400A High Speed Electrode Machining Center

The Sodick TT1-400A is the perfect solution for precision graphite (graphite milling) and copper (copper milling) electrode production. This machine was created based on Sodick’s long time successful HS Series with linear motor drive platform and ultra-precise motion control. The TT1-400A is designed to achieve maximum speed and acceleration by utilizing the latest in motion control and linear motor drive technology. This advanced technology allows the TT1-400A to produce highly accurate precision electrodes at an incredible speed. It uses the Sodick designed high-speed, high torque spindle to achieve 40,000 rpm. Every aspect of the design was revised for longer spindle life and to enable high-speed, high-precision direct milling of graphite and copper electrodes.

Sodick introduced their first Rigid Linear Motor Driven machines in 1999, replacing the dated ball screw technology of the time. With over 35,000 rigid linear motor machines delivered, Sodick has perfected this technology and uses it exclusively now for all axes of the TT1-400A system. The TT1-400A benefits from the advantages of rigid linear motor drives, including; no balls screws, no backlash, no lost motion, increased cutting speed and no maintenance. Rigid Linear Motors are the ideal solution for graphite milling. Contact Brooks Associates to schedule a machine demonstration.