VMX42SWi Honing

CNC Honing through Hurco’s vertical machining center offers customers an alternative to purchasing a dedicated machine by providing a flexible tool at an affordable price. Customers save floor space as well as capital, without giving the high quality standards of surface finish and geometry that the industry has come to expect from Hurco equipment. The VMX42SWi allows both general machining and honing to be performed on the same machine through a combining of the best Hurco equipment with the best of Bates Technology.

The process is simple thanks to the ease of use that the conversational Hurco software gives users when programming. In the process the cylinder bore is probed to verify the size, and to ensure the correct program has been loaded. The probe then drops lower into the part to ensure the cylinder bore is straight enough for machining. After that the cylinder is rough bored to the correct size for the honing process. Next coolant is sent through the spindle and used to activate and control the expansion of the tool changer from Bates Technology specially designed for honing. The precision air gauge system provides on-board, real-time monitoring of the bore size. Once the programmed size has been achieved communication with the machine PLC completes the honing process. Finally the finished bore is brushed to smooth the high points and provide the required surface finish. Through the spindle coolant is once again used to control the expansion and pressure of the soft finish hone for brushing.

This product is a partnership between Hurco and Bates Technology visit and to learn more about the interaction of these tools. Bates Technology offers mandrels and tooling for the honing of engine blocks, pinion gears, portable tubes, cam and crank bores, gage plugs, and small bores (diesel injector and ab sensors). These tools are available new or reconditioned and always sold with optimum precision and performance in mind.