2016 STEP Award Winners

The Manufacturing Institute has recently announced the 4th annual Women in Manufacturing STEP (Science, Technology and Production) award winners. This non-partisan organization considers candidates for this award from every level of manufacturing from the corner office to the shop floor. Any woman who shows leadership excellence in manufacturing can be considered. One 2016 winner is the Director of Global Strategic Pricing from Kennametals, Cheryl Bush. One of her coworkers stated, “We are thrilled to have Cheryl represent Kennametal at this year’s STEP Awards. Through her leadership and invaluable contributions to the company, particularly in process management Cheryl serves as an inspiration to the next generation of women in the industry and demonstrates the endless opportunities available to women in manufacturing.”

Award recipients are women not only looking to move their careers forward but those who are motivated to advance other strong female talent and encourage them to stay in the manufacturing industry. Women are severely underrepresented in the manufacturing industry. While women make up 49% of the overall work force they are only 27% of the work force in manufacturing. The STEP award is designed to encourage those women succeeding in this industry to stay the course and bring others along.

There will be 130 honorees recognized by the Manufacturing Institute at the STEP Awards reception this month in Washington, D.C. These women will be celebrated at a 3 day event culminating in a formal dinner gala. Going forward they will be expected to advocate for women in the manufacturing industry as well as mentor young women through the National Girls Collaborative Project. The Manufacturing Institute is committed to closing the gap of women in manufacturing.