Sodick’s Newest EDM Technology

Simply having an EDM machine on the floor isn’t going to make a shop stand out anymore. EDM technology is now widely and easily accessible. Instead, shops are turning to larger models, such as the VL600Q Wire EDM from Sodick.

They released this machine with longer travels at the Sodick Smart Technology Event in October. Not only does the VL600Q boast longer travels, it and every single machine on the floor during the Smart Technology Event were driven by a linear motor.

This sets Sodick apart in EDM technology. They develop and manufacture their own motors and motion control systems. By doing this they have found their machines can achieve accuracy within 1 micron. Sodick’s machines also have a base construction incorporating a custom ceramic material with abrasion resistance and a low thermal expansion coefficient.

Their entire VL line also features an updated version of Sodick’s Superjet automatic threader. The new feature this version has is the Pop-Up Search function, in which the guide and the wire are pushed by a stream of air up and away from the hole if the threading fails. This repeats until the wire threads the gap.

For those interested in learning more about this new machine from Sodick should contact Brooks Associates.