Selecting a Waterjet Cutting Machine

When selecting a waterjet cutting machine, there are many components to consider. There’s the pump size, programming options, maintenance, and floor space. Many of these factors are dependent on what the company will be manufacturing.

Pump Size/Power
When cutting soft, low-density material, a low horsepower pump will do the trick. For materials with a higher density, pumps with more horsepower, larger flow and abrasive cutting may be required.

Programming Options
Finding a programming system that is easy to learn and understand can help increase productivity. OMAX waterjet cutting machines have a conversational programming system built directly into the control of the abrasive waterjets.

Servicing the machine is a primary concern for most companies. Brooks offers a wide range of service and maintenance programs to fit the size of the company and the machine usage. They also provide on-site training for the workers who will be working on the machines.

Floor Space
Sometimes companies have a limited amount of floor space for a waterjet machine. This is an important factor to consider. The staff at Brooks can help match the right machine for the job as well as the available floor space.

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