The ProtoMAX built by OMAX is the first personal waterjet designed to allow literally anyone to purchase an abrasive waterjet. This compact machine packs a serious punch. In the 12” x 12” cutting area the ProtoMAX can cut virtually any material up to 1” thick with ease thanks to the 30,000 psi highly efficient direct drive pump that comes standard. Looking to cut stainless one day and glass the next – no problem! While keeping the cost down was a priority losing accuracy was not an option. The ProtoMAX maintains a positional accuracy of +/-.005” and repeatability of +/-.003”.

In addition to keeping the accuracy standards that the industry has come to expect from OMAX they also made sure to keep their industry leading software. It’s commonly known that OMAX software is the best in the waterjet industry and the package offered with the ProtoMAX is no different. Easily draw and program new parts or import existing files and in no time you’re up and running.

OMAX understands that customers are anxious to get operational as quickly as possible so they’ve thought of everything with the ProtoMAX. An easy-to-use pre-installation kit allows customers to prepare ahead of time for a rapid setup upon arrival. The ProtoMAX arrives with all the necessary components for cutting in one package that fits through a standard doorway. It even includes additional tools and spare parts to minimize any immediate downtime as well as a laptop pre-configured with the ProtoMAX control software. Most customers can install the system in just 3-4 hours after unpacking.

Of course safety is a top priority to everyone and the ProtoMAX has been designed with safety given the highest priority. The pump automatically shuts down if the lid is raised during cutting, all cutting can be done underwater, stainless steel ultra-flex sleeving has been used to protect high pressure plumbing, and an industrial light is projected onto the cutting bed to improve operator vision.

Being able to service a new piece of equipment is a concern for every new customer and the ProtoMAX makes it simple. The garnet collection bins reduce the frequency that the tank needs to be cleaned as well as minimizing the garnet particles that are released. It includes a completely removable cutting bed with 12 slats as well as removable side panels for easy service access. The entire pump assembly can be returned to OMAX for any necessary repair or maintenance. Of course OMAX has all of the operation and maintenance manuals available online to keep customers running smoothly.