OPM250L Metal 3D Printer

Sodick has recently released a new metal 3D Printer, the OPM250L. This new technology combines laser metal sintering and high speed milling in one incredible machine to create complete 3D printed molds as a single process fully contained within one machine. By utilizing the OPM250L customers can substantially reduce the number of components needed to create a complete mold as a result of the streamlined mold design. Customers utilizing this machine are also seeing improved mold cooling channels and reduced cycle times.

Key Features

  • Yb Fiber Laser Sintering
  • Fully Integrated High Speed Milling
  • Dedicated Laser Sintering/Machining CAM System (Option)
  • Unmanned/Remote Operation with IoT
  • Rigid Linear Motor Drives
  • Absolute Glass Scale Feedback
  • Sodick Motion Controller
  • 16-Position Automatic Tool Changer


Max Workpiece Size 250 x 250 x 250 mm
XYU axis stroke 260 x 260 x 260 mm
Spindle Z axis stroke 100 mm
Molding Tank Inner Dimensions 290 x 290 mm
Max Laser Output 500 W
Max Powder Feed Amount 90 kg (Maraging Steel)
Nitrogen Supply Capacity 32NL/min
Max Spindle RPM 45,000
Tool Holder Type HSK-E25
Machine Tool Dimensions 1,870 x 2,230 x 2,055 mm
Machine Tool Weight 4,500 kg