Detailed Product Description

Integrated Laser Sintering and Machining
Sodick’s OPM250L integrates Metal 3D Printing and traditional machining in a way never seen before. By alternating between machining and printing within the same workspace customers can expect significantly improved accuracy and finish over existing 3D printing methods. Sodick understands that our customers still need the ability to machine complex shapes without additive manufacturing and the OPM250L provides that. The accuracy of this fully integrated design is unlike any modular 3D Printer available on the market today because they apply finishing techniques only after the print has completed. These capabilities dramatically reduce the number of different components required to create a single mold, in some cases down from 20 components to just one.

Conformal Cooling Channels (3D Piping)
One of the primary benefits of Metal 3D Printing is the increased cooling ability that is generated through the 3D cooling channels added to the molds. These channels dramatically reduce cooling times by as much as 50% by getting the cooling channels closer to the surface of the mold. An additional benefit is the reduction in deformation and the shorter cycle times.

OS-FLASH Dedicated CAM Software
Sodick’s introduction of dedicated CAM software specifically created for OPM, “OS-FLASH,” incorporates model import, laser data, machining optimization, and simulation. While being fully compatible with standard CAD files (IGES, STEP, STL and Parasolid) OS-FLASH also includes STL compatibility. This allows customers to create molds from scanned data. Sodick’s custom algorithms quickly calculate laser and cutting data while allowing for editing as well as optimization of cutting data, automatically detecting high-load points such as grooves and corners, and adjusting feed rate accordingly. This CAM package also includes a simulation function which is ideal for calculating machining time, finding excessively cut sections or looking for unmachined areas.

Powder Collection & Recycling
After machining is complete, the OPM250L collects the unused metal powder from the machining area, allowing it to be recycled back into the material supply system. By preserving unused materials, the OPM250L achieves significant cost savings and waste reduction.

Sodick Motion Controller
Like all Sodick Motion Controllers the unit on the OPM250L provides the most accurate control over the linear motor drive movements of any controller on the market. The Sodick Motion Controller was developed in Silicon Valley, CA and after a tremendous amount of time and research the results are a motion controller with incredible technical innovation to give customers precise positioning and rapid acceleration.

Rigid Linear Motor Drives
Sodick’s OPM250L features the same rigid linear motors as their world reknown EDM machines. With 1G axis acceleration, and no friction, wear, or backlash, the rigid linear motor continues to be the most advanced drive system on the market. Years of machinery in the field has proven that Sodick’s rigid linear motor mounted directly to the machine’s castings will provide the most stable linear motion improved further through digitally controlled precision. Given that Sodick continues to be the experts on linear motor drives this Metal 3D Printer will be the most accurate unit available.