OMAX Top Five Tank Tips for Better Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

OMAX recently came out with their top five tank tips for better abrasive waterjet cutting. By keeping the abrasive waterjet tank in prime condition, the machine will run at peak efficiency.

1. Rotate the Slats
Over time, that slats in the abrasive waterjet will need to be replaced due to erosion. However, their life can be extended by periodically rotating them horizontally, vertically, or moving them to a different area of the table. Ideally this is done at least once a month.

2. Cut Under Water
Cutting under water prevents abrasive and material particles from splashing on machine components. By keeping everything cleaner, it extends the life of the components. It also has the added benefit of reducing the surface “frosting” that can appear on a cut and there is less rusting of parts.

3. Remove Abrasive Waste
Abrasive and metal particles accumulate in the tank and should be removed. If removing it by hand, drain the water from the tank first. The abrasive is easier to remove if it is drier.

4. Tank Cleaning Software
For those using a Variable Speed Solids Removal System with their abrasive waterjet tank, the system’s effectiveness can be improved by running the tank cleaning program in OMAX MAKE. By running a stream of water across the entire table, it helps to loosen the materials, making it easier to remove.

5. Change the Nozzle Test Location
To avoid piercing the tank when checking the pump and nozzle, frequently change the location along the table where they are tested.