New Precision Built Solutions™ from FRYER Machine Systems

Vertical Turret Lathe Products – The Fryer VT Series is a new highly affordable, compact large swing vertical turret lathe. The innovative design of this line provides 8 station automatic turret (horizontally positioned to provide excellent clearance for long tools), BMT -65 tooling for high rigidity, compact traveling column design, 40″ or 80″ swing models, and high torque geared headstock. This series has a unique traveling column design that allows for a large swing but maintains a small footprint. The control system has an incredible package to allow for easy programming of the most complicated turning contours using a simple graphic based menu system. The software package is so user-friendly that it allows even one-off applications to be completed in a cost effective manner.

5X Series – The Fryer 5X Series is the perfect machine tool for industries where rotating the part isn’t practical such as many parts in the automotive, aerospace, and oil field industries. Its flexible spindle solution uses a Kessler tilting/rotary head to provide 360 degrees of rotation and 200 degrees of spindle tilt. Its heavy duty design is rigid enough for steel and tough alloy machining.

CM Series – The Fryer CM Series Precision Compact Mill is the perfect system for prototype shops, educational institutions and R & D labs. It features a full enclosure with plenty of glass for easy visibility of the part being machined. Its compact design takes up minimal floor space and easily moved for maximum portability. This machine was created to provide an affordable solution without compromising accuracy or powerful software features. The CM Series comes standard with Siemens 828 CNC which features 3D graphics, full G-code programming, quick set-up cycles and conversational programming. The cast iron platform paired with high precision ballscrews, spindle and ATC provide customers with the highest in accuracy.

All of these innovative new product solutions from Fryer are proudly built in the U.S.A. and distributed locally through Brooks Associates.