Machinery Rental vs. Leasing

Renting a machine tool isn’t something most shops have considered, however sometimes it’s hard to commit to a purchase on a new machine tool when there’s only a few jobs guaranteed to run on it. Some OEMs are starting to offer a rental option to give customers that freedom to get the right machine just for the time they need it. Brooks is happy to work with our customers on rentals for both the FRYER Machine Systems products as well as our OMAX and MAXIEM lines. Certainly leasing will be cheaper on a per month basis however it’s a much longer commitment, but a lease results in a piece of machinery that the business owns verses a machine that gets returned to the manufacturer after a period of time. For some larger companies its proven easier to get budget approvals for a shorter term rental than a longer term lease. There’s no equipment value loss that needs to be accounted for and generally much of the eventual machine maintenance isn’t needed during a rental period. In some instances the ROI is more forgiving when a rental is proposed to management verses a purchase. Many smaller companies have taken advantage of machinery rentals through Brooks Associates as well because its safe with a short term commitment, provides a chance to prove the technology, and provides flexibility should your business change directions or physically relocate.

If a machine tool manufacturer is building a quality product such as FRYER and OMAX than they’re confident that there will be a high demand for a slightly used machine, which puts them in a great position to resell it after the rental is up. That makes it profitable for everyone. The OEM will make money on the rental and on the secondary reselling of the machine and the customer makes money off of a shorter term job that they otherwise would have had to turn down.

Many customers start off with a rental and then secure other work ideal for that machine. Typically most people don’t know the full capabilities of any type of machine until it’s on their floor and they’ve run it for a while. At this point it’s much easier to find other work for it. Brooks will work with customers to either extend the rental period or transition it over into a lease/buy-out of the machine. In the end this can come with many of the benefits of leasing a car such as a chance to try before you buy and the security of knowing exactly what you’re getting. If you decide to buy out the rental you know what the life of that machine has been – there’s no chance someone crashed it before listing it on Ebay! So consider renting your next piece of equipment it just might open the door to all kinds of new possibilities.

FRYER Machine Systems
Special Value Machine
MC-40 Vertical Machining Center – Inventory Overstock
Travel: 40” x 20” x 29”
25 HP – 40 Taper Spindle – 60-8,500 RPM
24 Station High Speed Arm-Type Automatic Tool Changer
1,200 IPM Rapid Feedrate
High Speed Rigid Tapping with Peck Feature
1 year warranty

Equipped with:

Fanuc 0i MD CNC
Flood Coolant System
Chip Auger System
High Pressure Washdown System with Washdown Hose
4th Axis Drive and Wiring
High Speed Ethernet Network Port (100MB/Sec)
Rent for $2,833/MO 12 Months
Lease $1,807/MO 24 Months

Brand New with Full Warranty the MC-40 is a brand new inventory overstock machine. This machine features a Fanuc 0i MD CNC loaded with features including data server, USB and networking. In addition it features a 4th axis interface.