Future Manufacturing Technologies

Deloitte Global and Council in Competiveness Study was created to help identify the most promising advanced technologies relating to manufacturing in development in the United States. For the study, they interviewed nearly three dozen Chief Technology Officers, Chief Research Officers, Chief Executive Officers, company presidents from various manufacturing sectors and nearly a dozen directs of US national laboratories and research facilities.

Here are the 10 most promising advanced technologies ranked by importance:

  1. Predictive Analytics
  2. Smart, Connected Products (IoT)
  3. Advanced Materials
  4. Smart Factories (IoT)
  5. Digital Design, Simulation, and Integration
  6. High Performance Computing
  7. Advanced Robotics
  8. Additive Manufacturing
  9. Open-Source Design/ Direct Customer Input
  10. Augmented Reality (to improve quality, training, expert knowledge)
  11. Augmented Reality (to increase customer service and experience

Here are some highlights from the study’s findings:

The Internet of Things (IoT) global product and service market is projected to be worth $5.649 billion by 2019.
3D printing and scanning global product and service market are projected to reach $20.4B in 2019.
Artificial intelligence and machine learning is projected to be a 36B market this year.

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