EDM Wire Cutting Benefits

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) wire cutting boasts a variety of benefits. These machines are precise and high-speed, making for a great addition to almost any machine shop. EDM wire cutting uses a metallic wire, usually made of brass or stratified copper, to cut a programmed contour in a part.

For those considering investing on a wire EDM machine, take a look at these advantages:

  • Efficient Production Capabilities

With this technology, it’s been found that parts are more economically produced than those made with conventional machining.

  • Reliable Repeatability

The programs for these machines are computer generated and the electrode is constantly being fed from a spool, making them constantly reliable. This makes it so the last part is identical to the first part.

  • Imperative to Certain Projects

There are unique machining processes that can only be accomplished with a wire EDM. With its technology and accuracy, it excels at some projects better than other machines could.

  • Stress-Free and Burr-Free Cutting

Because the electrode never contacts the material being cut, extremely thin sections can be machined. It also eliminates cutting stress and distortion.

  • Exotic Materials

These machines can cut a wide variety of materials such as carbide, tool steels, titanium, and much more. This makes them versatile and necessary in the shop when certain materials are used.

Parts made using wire EDM are either one-cut or skimmed depending on the accuracy and surface finished desired. Some jobs only require one cut, while other needs skimming. There can be one to nine skim passes to get the desired finish, but usually only two are needed. One skim pass can remove anywhere from 0.0001” to 0.002” of material.

Brooks Associates proudly carries Sodick wire EDM machines. Their range of machines features rigid linear motors. These maximize cutting performance, giving the operator better part accuracy. Visit the Brooks Associates website to learn more.