EDM or Milling?

The technology for both EDM and milling has advanced, making it difficult for many die and mold shops to choose between the two techniques. Using one technique over the other can make more sense depending on the project.

When to use EDM:

  • When creating sharp inside corners
  • Complex geometry
  • For deep cutting
  • Unattended cutting
  • Where EDM finish is specified

When to use milling:

  • Whenever possible
  • For non-cosmetic surfaces and texturing surfaces
  • For family parts
  • For parts that cannot have HAZ
  • Where high accuracy is required

Obviously which machine is used also has to do with personal preferences and programming resources. In need of a new EDM or milling machine? Give Brooks Associates a call. They have been providing equipment for die/mold applications in the New England area for over eighty years.