The Promise of Waterjet Technology for Micromachining

The potential benefits of using waterjet technology to produce parts, or part features, smaller than 300 microns are compelling and developers and researchers at OMAX are getting close to breaking the barriers that stand in the way of micromachining in the 150- to 200-micron range and below.

Benefits of MicroMAX

  • Abrasive waterjet can cut a variety of workpiece materials, including metal, rubber, glass, stone and composites.
  • Benefits include faster programming and cutting than conventional machining methods.
  • Unlike other processes, waterjet can cut medical parts without affecting them thermally.
  • Waterjet machines cut titanium 34 percent faster than stainless steel.
  • Once a program is developed, it can be scaled to other sizes.
  • Extremely small holes and contours are possible with abrasive waterjet cutting using a micro nozzle capable of producing a stream as small as 0.010 inch.
  • Workpiece materials do not need to be electrically conductive or non-reflective.
  • Incredible precision with 0.1 micron linear optical encoder system
  • Positional accuracy better than 5 microns

For 20 years OMAX has been pushing the boundaries of waterjet cutting capabilities. They have been the company constantly pushing further to develop micro-machining to a level unseen anywhere else in the industry. The original 2626xp system took abrasive waterjet into industries that had never before considered this technology and the MicroMAX is doing it again.

You may not realize how complicated it is to attempt to cut parts this small on an abrasive waterjet. Consider that in order to achieve this goal the abrasive particles must get much smaller, almost dust, at which point clogging and static become a major barrier. Beyond that temperature is another issue. To hold those kind of tolerances the temperature of the water in the tank can create problems with just the slightest change in material sizing. Vibration is another potential problem, which must be addressed through innovative vibration isolation. OMAX has overcome all of these hurdles through years of research and development utilizing a global team of the best engineers on the planet.

Maybe you don’t have a need for micromachining but if OMAX has put this much time and effort into being an industry leader in a niche market you can count on them to have put even more focus into developing their products that appeal to an even wider audience. You know that when you partner with OMAX for your abrasive waterjet needs you’re getting a company that has put in the time to be the best and will continue to develop the newest advancements to improve your machine’s capabilities.

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