Sodick’s AQ1500L Wire EDM the Largest in America

The AQ1500L comes with 59″ of X axis travel making it the largest wire EDM in America. The addition of Sodick’s linear motor drive technology makes it the most accurate system. The unique technology offered with this drive technology has been proven time and again to run vibration free and with no backlash, producing parts with the highest degree of accuracy as well as the finest surface finish.

AQ1500L Specifications

X – Axis Travel 59”
Y – Axis Travel 39.3”
Z – Axis Travel 24”
U, V Axis Travel 59.8” x 40.16”
Wire Diameter Range (min ~ max) 0.006” ~ 0.012” (0.15 ~ 0.30 mm)
Work Tank Dimensions (W x D) 83.6” x 62.99” (2,124 x 1,600 mm)
Maximum Workpiece Weight 17,760 lbs