Sodick Moves into a New Market Space

Recently Sodick has expanded their offerings to include the AG200L extra-large capacity sinker EDM. This is one of the largest tank sizes currently available in the industry, measuring 9.8’ x 5.8’. You could nearly park a small car inside this thing! For years specialty builders and off-brand manufacturers have been the only option for customers in need of something with this type of capacity, but now there’s a better choice. Our customers can now continue to work with a name they know and trust, Sodick. The AG200L comes with not only the many years of engineering experience that Sodick brings to the EDM market, but the incredible depth of the Sodick support team – locally stocked spare parts and consumables, a full network of service technicians, and a distribution channel with years of history supporting local companies in the New England area.

The AG200L is made for large workpiece applications with a table capacity of more than 22,000 lbs. There’s no better option for large jobs such as automotive bumpers, flat panel TVs, and mold tools just to name a few. If you’ve been outsourcing large jobs because you simply didn’t have the capacity now’s the time to bring that work back in-house. Sodick offers a well-designed, fully thought out piece of machinery at a price that will fit your budget.

Maybe you’ve been more concerned about being able to hold tolerances on larger jobs, the AG200L has you covered. This system is constructed from cast iron, rather than fabricated like competitor’s large machines, which allows it to hold the same tight tolerances you’ve come to expect from Sodick equipment. In fact it comes with the same 10 year positioning accuracy guarantee that every other Sodick machine includes. In addition the AG200L features Rigid Linear Motor drives as a standard feature. This improves both accuracy and speed. The high speeds that are achievable on linear motors mean that the AG200L naturally produces its own flushing conditions for a no-flush burn.

The AG200L is recreating the future for the extra-large capacity sinker EDM industry. Give the team at Brooks Associates a call to schedule an appointment to discuss how this system might forever change your business operations.