Reaching the Millennial Work Force

Do you have a goal of adding more highly skilled workers this year? One local Brooks’ customer, Moore Engineering, is attempting to draw more Millennials into manufacturing by promoting it on YouTube. Wade Moore, the owner at Moore Engineering, launched his YouTube channel in September last year with the hopes of generating interest in CNC work.

These videos promote some of the cool things that can be made on CNC machinery, the value that manufacturing jobs bring to our country, and the pride that comes from working in this field. Their slogan, “Born Free to CNC” really sums up the focus of the company as they promote CNC jobs to the American workforce. The videos feature making a 30 lb Maul/Axe for a Spartan bodybuilder, making a titanium wedding ring, touring IMTS, using the Hurco to machine a head from aluminum, and more.

Check out some of the videos by searching for Moore CNC on YouTube or by scrolling to the bottom of the Brooks homepage. We have been very proud of our partnership with Wade Moore ever since he bought his first Hurco machine in 2016. We have had the pleasure of helping to train and support their team as they’ve utilized their Hurco equipment to the full extent of its capabilities.

What makes Hurco such a great fit for shops looking to grow and expand their capabilities? The Hurco control! As Moore Engineering, and many of our other customers have told us, they’re blown away by how easy it is to start programming parts and running jobs on the Hurco control. The Hurco control offers both conversational programming as well as NC/G-Code Programming. In either situation, user-friendly graphics step you through the process visually. It’s simple – setup, program, verify. The Hurco control takes you from print to part faster than anyone else in the industry. Whether you need to draw parts, import parts, or edit existing files the programming on a Hurco couldn’t be easier.

Do you have other ways you’ve promoted manufacturing to improve our workforce? We know that many of our customers have come up with creative and effective ways of finding talented new employees. We’d love to hear from you and feature your company in one of our newsletters as well. Let us know your thoughts as we all work to keep the industry strong in New England and throughout the country.