Informative Software Video for Hurco Users

Hurco recently released a video showing the ease of use programmers can experience utilizing the new feature that allows for importing of STL files as stock geometry in WinMax. This feature has many uses however the primary two that Hurco features are using it for secondary operations and machining castings. Many customers use a simple box or cylinder shape when programming for secondary operations however there are times where having a more accurate display of your stock geometry would be helpful. In this case, the STL importing feature would come in very handy. Similarly when machining castings having more detail available than what you get from a simple box or cylinder shape is extremely useful. The WinMax control will allow for importing a solid model for exactly these types of scenarios. Mike Cope of Hurco put together this short but extremely useful video to direct users through the process of importing STL files. Any Hurco machine with software 09.1.312.19 or higher, or version or higher will have the ability to import an STL file for stock geometry.

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