Hurco Order Record

A Hurco record has been broken by Charles Boyce, owner of Boyce Technologies, Inc. Located in New York, NY, he purchased the single largest order in the history of Hurco.

Boyce Technologies was founded in 2007 and had only one employee, Charles. Since then it has grown to 60 employees and has received several awards. The company designs and manufactures security and communications equipment for the mass transit market.

The first Hurco CNC machine Charles purchased was the VMX30 through Brooks Associates which was installed in his living room. Since then, his Hurco machine fleet has grown to 21 units. He has a wide range of Hurco machines because of his trust in the company and their product.

This led him to purchase the largest quantity of Max 5 controllers in the world, which is Hurco’s newest control console. It features ergonomic design features focused on operator usability. Visit Brooks Associates website to learn more about Hurco machines or schedule a demo.