Hurco HTM30i In Depth

Brooks works with customers who are just opening their doors, and those that are 4th generation operations. One great machine that many of our customers have started off with is the Hurco HTM30. It’s often referred to as a toolroom mill because of its simplicity of operation and high level of affordability. While the HTM30 may be perfect as an entry level machine, it still delivers the power of the MAX5 control and the reliability of a Hurco. The HTM30 features an open-bed design, meaning the table is easy to access and it gets up and running quickly.

The HTM30i comes standard with the industry leading Hurco CNC control powered by WinMax®. Hurco has the most intuitive control and software package available, offering both conversational as well as NC programming. Even the newest of operators will be able to program this mill and deliver high quality parts in no time.

One of the keys to the Hurco software package is the UltiMotion feature. This software feature provides rapid cornering capabilities and looks-ahead to make program adjustments while in operation. By utilizing the software to control the motion system, rather than the traditional method which relies on the hardware, the results are 30% faster cut times and smoother surface finishes. The brain power of the software is far more efficient then the muscle of the hardware.

Machine Features
30” x 16” x 18” X, Y, Z Axis Travel
4” min / 22” max Spindle Nose to Table
35.4” x 16.1” Table Size
992 lbs Max Weight on Table
12 hp Peak Spindle Motor
16 Tools
4” Max Tool Diameter
11” Max Tool Length
10 lb Max Tool Weight
300 inches/minute Max Programmable Feedrate
500 ipm, 500 ipm, 300 ipm Rapid Traverse X, Y, Z Axis
110” Machine Height

In addition to getting a solid machine tool, purchasing a machine from Hurco gives you a partnership with a company that’s been in the industry for 50 years. Hurco has a reputation for providing the best in machinery, a full network of technicians and customer service personnel, long-standing relationships with distributors, financial stability, and an engineering team driven for constant innovation. You simply could not find a better manufacturer to do business with.