Starrag MedTech Event

April 22 – 26, 2024

Join Starrag and Brooks for a five-day event in West Boylston, MA to experience our innovative 191 Med-Tech machining solution!

Get to know the Bumotec 191-e firsthand at Brooks’ Technical Center. Schedule a tailored demonstration for your application and see how we can tailor our tech to your success. Key elements of this event include:

  • Bar-fed machining of highly complex parts with zero human intervention
  • Changeover in minutes through program selection only (standardize on tooling, material, and work-holding)
  • Seamless machining and handling of the most complex geometries and toughest alloys

Reserve your time slot to discuss your unique needs and parameters. This private showcase is designed to give your team a fully personalized, results-driven solution.

Presented by:

Brooks Associates