Choosing the Right Tool For the Job

We get asked regularly to look at specific applications and help determine whether EDM, waterjet, laser, plasma, or some other tool is the best way to get the job done so we thought sharing this helpful chart could be useful for our customers to gain direction for new projects.

  Waterjet Wire EDM Laser Plasma Milling
Accuracy Avg +/-.003″
Up to +/-.001″
+/-.0001″ +/-.001″ .030″-.060″ +/-.0003″
Material Distortion None None Possible Possible None
Edge Quality Good Excellent Excellent Fair Excellent
Thickness 3″ or more 12″ 0.25″ 0.25″ 3D parts

While we hope this provides some initial information we would strongly encourage our customers to give us a call to discuss specific applications. One advantage of working with Brooks Associates is our access to many of these types of equipment. This really allows us to be impartial in our recommendations of the right course of action for your business. In many cases we can work through a specific job right on our shop floor with our demo equipment.

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