Takumi V Series Box Way Machining Centers

Heavy-duty box way machining centers for heavy cutting that requires high stability. The V Series is designed for the toughest of applications such as roughing cast iron. All V Series machines are 3 axis units that feature belt or geared spindles to provide customers with maximum torque.

Takumi V10


The V10 is our highest efficiency system with the ability to quickly and accurately generate the highest volume of parts while still staying within a minimal amount floor space. This machine is the perfect combination of heavy duty cutting with high machine stability.


The V11 features a highly rigid machine structure thus ensuring the highest in precision parts. With a 43.31” x 26” cutting area this unit is big enough to handle just about anything.

Takumi V11
Takumi V15


The largest of the V Series machining centers this powerful machine boasts a 60” x 30” cutting area perfect for the largest of jobs. Like all V Series units the V15 is a three axis machine featuring an option of either belt or geared spindles to provide maximum torque.