Okamoto Specialty Machines

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LK Tapping Centers - TC-710 Plus

Semiconductor Equipment

Okamoto backgrinders, polishers, slicers, and lapping machines have been designed and developed to meet customers’ needs to process and handle a wide range of materials. Okamoto has experience with materials such as Silicon, GaAs, Sapphire, Quartz, Silicon Nitride, InP, SiC, AlTiC, and many others. Our tools can also be used for a wide range of wafer types and processes, such as SOI wafers, bonded wafers, bumped wafers, as well as TSV and MEMS processes, just to name a few.

YT-300 Series

Aerolap Polisher

Areolap dramatically shortens cycle-time for final polishing. Its unique lapping medium is a perfect balance of moisture and abrasive particulates – including diamond particles. Using a hurling device combined with air pressure, Areolap’s exclusive multi-cone lapping projects the abrasive lapping media in multiple high-speed passes to polish even the most irregular shapes to a mirror-sheen finish.

  • Uniform mirror finishing avoids misshaping and minimizes surface marring to safely polish even the most intricate parts.
  • Enhances durability and prolongs the lifespan of molds and dies (especially cold forging).
  • Improved PVD/CVD Coating.
  • User-friendly control system, straightforward design and operation, and easy maintenance requirements enable operators to master the Areolap with minimal training.
  • Low running cost – the abrasive particulate solutions can be used over and over for long periods.
  • Environmentally friendly operation – Areolap machines are quiet and produce little to no waste, minimizing discharges of oil and dust for disposal.
  • Machine is supplied with all the media and accessories – no hidden costs.
Hurco VMX Series