Fryer Vertical Machining Centers

Get your Fryer vertical machining centers from Brooks Associates.

Fryer XP Series

High Speed Machining

The Fryer XP Series feature extra performance for high speed machining. Standard features include a 1.5 second high speed 24-tool ATC, an 15,000 RPM inline spindle, a high-torque 30 HP motor and a super-fast 1,900 IPM rapid feedrate. The sexy black glass enclosure speaks of high performance and is sure to impress customers and employees alike. Combined with roller type linear ways and heavy duty FEA designed castings, the XP series is the ultimate compact VMC.

Performance Machining Centers

Fryer’s MC Series offers the ultimate in performance by featuring heavyweight castings with box way construction. The standard 24 tool arm type ATC and 1,200 IPM rapids produce more parts per hour. Fully digital control and drives combined with fast set-up and programming maximize performance and reliability.

Fryer MC Series
Fryer VB Series

Open Machining Centers

Designed as a high performance machining center without an enclosure the Fryer VB Series offers versatility and value. Ideal for production and job shop applications, the VB open design and rugged construction allow for easy loading of large parts. Extremely simple set-up and programming make this machine highly efficient for even short run parts. The VB is also equipped with an impressive set of standard features unmatched by any machine in its class.

Precision Compact Mill

The Fryer CM Series is the perfect tool for education and secondary operations. Featuring an advanced CNC control from Siemens, the CM-15 allows training programs based on one of the world’s bestselling CNC. Built on a solid cast iron platform and using high precision ballscrews, spindle and ATC, the CM can hold the demanding tolerances that industry requires. Programming is accomplished with industry standard G code or Siemens advanced ‘Shop Mill’ programming. Equipped with a impressive list of standard features the CM Series is by far the best EDU and 2nd Op milling machine available today.

Fryer CM Series
Fryer TC-V Series

Vertical Traveling Column

The Fryer TC-V Series features a fixed table and traveling column for flexibility with large parts and fixturing. You can use the machine as a multi-pallet design by using the table dividers to create work zones. The fixed table allows table loads of more than 10,000 lbs. and is available with a built in rotary table. The high torque 40- and 50-taper spindles feature available CTS and gearbox. Available Y axis travel of 24” or 32” and in sizes ranging from 40” X travel all the way to a huge 320” travel machine.