Enshu Horizontal Machining Centers

Enshu offers 5 models of their GE Series incredibly accurate, high-speed horizontal machining centers. The entire GE Series offers machinery with full stroke accuracy and repeatability. By engineering a far superior design to the market’s current standard Enshu has been able to obtain the highest customer ratings for long-term, reliable operation in the most difficult conditions. This design provides the best system for thermal stability which ensures consistently accurate parts.

Enshu GE40H


This horizontal machining center offers a big punch in a small package. The most compact of all the Enshu systems the GE40H is ideal for die cast processing, secondary operations, and more. All without taking up too much precious floorspace. The GE40H comes standard with a 400mm pallet, 40 tool capacity, 12,000 rpm and Big Plus/CAT 40 taper spindle.


The GE460H gives customers a small machine with the ability to grow alongside your business. This system comes with a traveling column as well as room for additional tools and pallets to truly meet every need. This is a high performance 40-taper horizontal machining center.

Enshu GE460H
Enshu GE480H


The GE480H offers the utmost in flexibility with multiple available configurations. This larger pallet size machining center offers extended travels while maintaining fast throughput with a high-speed, heavy-duty spindle. This unit is known throughout the industry for its ultra-high performance.


The GE580H is a beast! There’s simply no better machine for fast metal removal in steels and aluminum. The 50-taper spindle on this horizontal machining center gets the job done all while maintaining thermal stability and accuracy.

Enshu GE580H
Enshu GE590H


The GE590H is the largest of the Enshu horizontal machining centers and its dominance in the industry is both figurative and literal. This 630mm, 50-taper machine has been designed for performance and reliability. This is definitely the most rugged and accurate HMC on the market all while offering a full range of ATC capacities and pallet system choices to provide full flexibility.