Okamoto Surface Grinders

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LK Tapping Centers - TC-710 Plus

Linear B Series

Manual Feed Surface Grinders

Look in any shop and you’re likely to see one of these grinders at work. Rigid design and solid construction makes these machines the standard in manual feed surface grinders.

  • Rigid design and Meehanite cast construction.
  • Smooth table movement through reliable belt drive.
  • Conveniently located, ergonomically designed handwheels optimize operator comfort and control.
  • Proven gravity feed lubrication.

ACC-6 • 18DX Series

Saddle Type Surface Grinders

The perfect smaller capacity hydraulic surface grinder. Rugged base and column construction assures rigidity and stability for coarse and fine grinding needs.

  • Extended saddle longitudinal ways reduce overhang for prolonged machine life and accuracy.
  • Hand scraped double vee table ways.
  • Vertical feed is switchable – coarse and fine.
  • Reliable Gravity Feed Lubrication System.
Hurco VMX Series
LK Tapping Centers - TC-710 Plus

ACC-8 • 18NC

CNC Form Grinder

The ACC-8 • 18NC Form Grinder delivers the benefits of a full-function CNC surface grinder at a fraction of the price. It’s loaded with performance features and the powerful control affords you a full array of grinding capabilities.

  • Superb construction with heavily ribbed Meehanite cast construction.
  • Full contact Double Vee for true tracking and unrivaled accuracy.
  • User-friendly “Touch & Teach” conversational programming simplifies set-up and operation even for operators unfamiliar with CNC.
  • Ideal for Surface, Slot, Step, Form and Contour Grinding.
  • Set up to 4 different table stroke positions. Ideal for multiple workpiece grinding.
  • 3-point diamond dresser includes one 2-point angle dresser for form dressing and one 1-point dresser for straight dressing.